Hourly Pricing

$100 per hour.

Most tasks and jobs will be billed hourly.

Property Maintenance

Ongoing property maintenance provides peace of mind and lowers total cost of property ownership over time.

I offer Monthly or Quarterly ongoing property maintenance for home owners, business owners, and property managers.
Whether you own 1 building or many, I can help you maintain your property value and prevent the need for more expensive repairs.

Contact me to discuss price and options.

Walk-Through Inspection

I offer Home and Business maintenance and repair walk-through inspections, as well as, move-in/move-out inspections.
This as a Multi-Point inspection that provides you a status report on your repair and maintenance needs in an easy to read, detailed report.

For most single-family homes and retail business locations this service is $100 per inspection.

Project Pricing

Large projects which require multiple days on site, multiple trips to the job location or jobs that otherwise require more time and focused work will be bid on a project by project basis.

To request a quote for your project, please complete the contact form on my Home page: Request for Quote